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Qlimax Crew have picked up Team Unlimited, who made it through to the OCE regional finals earlier this year.
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Published on Wednesday, 19th November at 21:22

We are pleased to announce the new team representing Qlimax Crew for League of Legends!

Formerly known as Team Unlimited, they are made up of some of the best and well respected players in the OCE league community. Competing in division 1 of the Cybergamer Pro league alongside the likes of Immunity and Avant Garde.

QMX Skwiggle, Formally of Avant Garde Redemption, Has been in the pro league scene since the starting of the oceanic league servers.

QMX Spoil, Former Member of Avant Garde Redemption, Known for his amazing mechanics as an ADC

QMX Katy, Former ...
Published on Tuesday, 21st October at 14:26

The Cybergamer Premier League had come to an end after a 7 week long online competition which would decide the 4 teams qualifying for the National LAN finals. The finals were held at the Australian technology park on the 19th of October the top 4 teams include;

1st seed - place Vox Eminor, Havoc, SPUNJ, Jks, Azr and Topgun

2nd seed - Team Immunity, Rickeh, James, Snyper, Yam, Emagine

3rd seed - Avant Garde, pay8ack, pzKiD, Sico, Ustilo and Tonk$

4th seed - Qlimax Crew, Snakew0w, Brake, Mont, Zewsy, Nova

The first match of the day pinned Vox Eminor again...
Published on Thursday, 16th October at 12:27

Interview by PeetyG - http://au.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/p8248613

I caught up with community favorite and Michael Australia snakewow Hall and discussed not only the upcoming national event, but also his reaction to being inducted into the David Kaye CS-Australia Hall of Fame.


What are you most looking forward to at the national event?

I think all of us in qlimax are looking forward to the chance to compete on LAN for the first time as a team, there hasn't been many events in Australia in time that GO has been out, so it will be n...
Published on Tuesday, 15th July at 16:56

Qlimax Crew CS:GO 2014

inert1a - Zewsy and Nova make their debut from CGa straight into Division 1 after a chain of really strange events have somehow worked in their favour. Qlimax are pretty much a whole new line up now with three powerhouses and two really big up and comers. This team looks to be the darkhorse of the competition under snakewow's wing. I believe they will even upset (as they have already) in the coming season. They definitely deserved their Division 1 placing.

Jake "m0nt" Van Dorssen
Age: 22
Monitor: BenQ XL2410T
Keyboard: Tesoro Durandal Ultimate
Published on Tuesday, 15th July at 12:55

ESL Australia will be our hosts for the qualifiers and we will have two double elimination bracket qualifiers where four teams from each will advance to an 8 team single elimination bracket. The qualifier brackets will be best of one encounters except for the final which is of course best of three with the winner of the winners bracket going in with a one map advantage. The 8 team final bracket is where we will grind down to our two finalists, all matches in this single elimination bracket will be best of three till just one team remains, our OCE representatives for the ESL One CS:GO champions...
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csg Qlimax Crew vs. HYPE
for TRIDENT Spring Comp on 23.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. 96
for TRIDENT Spring Comp on 23.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. FalleN
for TRIDENT Spring Comp on 23.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Athletico
for TRIDENT Spring Comp on 23.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Voxeminor
for Azubu Australian Masters on 09.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Streamline
for Azubu Australian Masters on 09.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Prowess
for Azubu Australian Masters on 08.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. iNation
for Azubu Australian Masters on 08.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Immunity
for Azubu Australian Masters on 08.11.2014
csg Qlimax Crew vs. Voxeminor
for Logitech CGPL Season 2 Winter Championships on 19.10.2014


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